Here's where I've been

7 October 2008                          

Enlisted in the US Air Force

Finished training as an Honor Graduate on 12 December 2017, and moved on to train as a Diesel Generator Mechanic. Over the next 5 years, received numerous awards and decorations in recognition of outstanding service.

27 July 2011


Deployed to Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan for 7 months. Managed $98 million of Civil Engineer supply resources. Appointed as Local National Escort and Liaison, and required to learn the local language, Dari. It was at this point I began studying C++ and web development.

1 Aug 2013

Administrative Support Technician

Appointed to work directly for the 442d Mission Support Group Commander. Developed new programs and procedures to track unit suspenses, performance reviews, unit expenditures, and schedules. Awarded the Air Force Achievement Medal for Distinguished Service

1 October 2014

Honor Guard Training NCOIC

Hand-picked to serve as the Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of the Installation Honor Guard training program. Appointed to oversee the development and implementation of heightened training requirements, rated top Installation Honor Guard in Global Strike Command. Direct supervisor for over 150 guardsmen. Designed new SQL Database application to track and record performance, backdated to 2007, improving unit efficiency and reducing errors, missed funerals and events. Awarded the Air Force Commendation Medal for Exemplary Service above and beyond the call of duty.

31 May 2016

Operations Management Technician

Selected to serve as the Project Manager for the 442d Civil Engineer Squadron in recognition of a unique blend of administrative and technological skills. Manages personnel processes, budget analysis, facility management, security clearances, classified readiness reporting, travel vouchers, and technical and ancillary training. Developed a database application to track and manage all processes.

7 August 2017

Full-Stack developer, Centriq Training

The previous years of technical training have inspired a desire to pursue a career in software development. I enjoyed every moment of my training, tackling increasingly difficult challenges and learning new technologies and techniques to enhance my skillset beyond what I thought possible.

22 Feb 2018

Level up achieved!

I graduated from Centriq Training and began my journey in the world of Software Development.

1 June 2018

Software Engineer, Marine Corps Cyber Operations Group

Thrust into the world of top-secret military interface design, I joined the ranks of Department of Defense contractors. Tasked with creating user interfaces and record keeping software for the US MCCOG, I continued my studies of web design and .NET principals. Unfortunately, the job would prove to be short-lived, as my primary duties resolved to resetting SharePoint passwords.

27 August 2018

Honor Guard, Director of Training, Lead Software Engineer

Invigorated by my studies, I returned to work for the Installation Honor Guard as not only the director of training, but also the Lead Software Engineer. We revamped our Database into a modern, data-driven application. We eliminated redundancy and streamlined the versioning process, distributing the program to over 40 installations for local use. I was selected to rewrite the regulations governing Mortuary Affairs and Honor Guard Operations in DC, and went on to showcase my program to the Office of the Secretary of Defense. The DoD adopted the program for implementation across all of the DoD. I trained six individuals in proper procedures for software development and over 200 individuals in the exacting positions and ceremonies required of Ceremonial Guardsman. I received numerous awards, culminating in a Meritorious Service Medal, normally awarded to those in the next tier of NCO for exemplary service above and beyond the call of duty. During my 3-year tour, I joined the Air Force career field of Education & Training Managers, a selective team of highly-motivated Airmen whose sole aim is to monitor training and mission-readiness across the Air Force.

9 August 2021

FSWD Instructor, Centriq Training

As my time in the Honor Guard drew to a close, I knew I wanted to give back to those that helped me find my way. I found a love for instruction and the impact it can have on the lives and careers of those I trained. I was selected to teach software development at the very institution that showed me the way. Now, I can pass on the knowledge and experience I have gained and usher others in to this amazing and ever-changing world of software development.